Kirsten Jones

I am a manual movement therapist, also known as a qualified remedial massage therapist. Having worked as a clinical massage therapist for the last 22 years, I specialise in therapeutic bodywork, pain, injury and post-surgical care. I seek to identify underlying causes while treating movement and musculoskeletal based problems.

I have a passion for learning and dedicate a lot of my time to studying neurotherapy methods and function applications and pursuing continuing education, to expand my knowledge. My methods of treatment are slightly different from traditional massage therapy. With a passion for pain and injury management, I specialize in manual movement therapy, NeuroKinetic therapy, massage therapy and dry needling.

My focus is on clinical and assessment-based therapies that facilitate function, movement, healing to balance both the mind and body. This framework speeds your recovery time after an injury and helps prevent further injury. Manual movement therapy (MMT) is a combination of physical movement and neurokinetic corrections. I work with you to facilitate your healing and give you the tools to do so in your own home. You are an active participant in your healing.

I collaborate closely with physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors with many of my clients; and my role as your therapist is to support and guide you to achieve balance by finding the missing links that are holding back your recovery and general wellbeing.

With a passion for yoga, I believe yoga and manual movement therapy complement each other perfectly, helping to improve and create body awareness.



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PH: 0273320214

2 Augusta Street

Redcliffs, Christchurch