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NeuroKinetic Therapy


Neurokinetic therapy will find and treat the cause of your pain not just your symptoms.

You are unique; your nervous system and injury history are specific to only you, therefore no two treatments are alike. For example, your back pain maybe coming from an old ankle injury or a childhood scar. This is how you will find longer lasting relief and be able to move pain free. 

Sessions include a consultation, muscle testing, soft tissue treatment and exercise prescriptions.

45 or 60 minutes is recommended.

Movement Therapy


This method puts you through a system of movements that will assess how you move and identify where your pain, discomfort and restrictions are coming from.

Assessments include how you breathe, your balance and how you walk, this can pinpoint what joints and muscles need to be treated.

Assessing and treating your dysfunctional movements can help speed up your recovery time after injury and helps to prevent further injuries in the future. 

45 or 60 minutes is recommended


Remedial Massage


Treatments will focus on your specific complaints and treats the soft tissue in these areas, which includes muscles, ligaments and tendons.

If your feeling out of balance or super tight and stressed, this therapy will allow your joints to feel more stable, aligned and will assist in treating over worked or injured soft tissue.

Remedial massage therapy effectively treats your stress, anxiety, neck and lower back pain, sporting and overuse injuries and chronic pain.

Breath Coaching

Did you know that learning correct breathing techniques can reduce your pain and improve your core stability?

Proper breathing practises will have a positive impact on, not only your pain but your overall health.

You will experience improved sleep, digestion, immunity and relief from stress and anxiety.

Scar Tissue Therapy

Surgical scar tissue and scar formation from injury can affect movement patterns resulting in pain long after the scar has healed. Using manual therapy techniques on a healed scar can restore mobility to the site of injury

Dry Needling:


Dry needling can assist you by reducing chronic tight muscles due to overuse, past injuries or finally treat that nagging tendonitis you just cant get relief from.

The acupuncture needles used are very fine and cause very little discomfort and you will be surprised with how effective the relief is that results from this treatment.

Dry needling can be an effective addition to your treatment and results can be seen in as little as 7 minutes from this therapy.


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Mon - Thurs 10am-6:30pm


Saturday on request

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