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The Bealey Clinic. 110 Bealey Avenue. Christchurch

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Koru therapies is a injury rehab and massage clinic located in The Bealey Clinic or online for hands-free treatments. Manual movement therapy will reduce pain and movement dysfunctions, improve function and enhance performance. By utilizing movement assessments, NeuroKinetic therapy and massage therapy (in clinic) or self directed for remote sessions. Treatments focus on pain and  injury management and target the cause, not the symptom. More often than not treatment is required away from the site of pain. This is a clinical approach to pain and injury management that can deliver amazing results.


 Mon - Thurs 10am-7.30pm

 Fri 11am-6pm 

 Saturday on request


Koru Therapies

Koru Therapies

Reduce pain, improve movement and enhance performance

Deep tissue / Therapeutic:


This specialised technique is designed to work on the deep layers of soft tissue such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. 

Sessions will focus on specific areas or on resolving specific problems. This has a therapeutic effect on chronic muscular pain and postural dysfunction.

Scaring, adhesions (knots) and muscle spasm are treated with the goal to alleviate muscle tension and restore function to the affected area.

Because this technique is very specific, some muscular soreness may be experienced 24-36 hours following a session.


Sports massage /Injury rehabilitation:


Anyone from athletes to those who simply want to improve their fitness can benefit from this treatment. And more people are incorporating sports massage into their athletic routines.

The focus of this technique is to deal with the effects of repetitive muscle use, uneven muscle development, strains or injuries. 

It targets specific muscle groups to improve flexibility, range of movement, decreased recovery time and injury prevention. Results include better muscle efficiency and improved performance.



Neuromuscular therapy:


This systemised approach treats underlying causes of chronic pain and restores balance to the muscular and nervous systems. 

Injury, trauma, postural distortions and stress can all influence nerve transmission and therefore overall function. Based on symptoms and evaluation; techniques are used to address trigger points, postural issues and biomechanical problems caused by repetitive movement patterns.

Treating specific areas of irritation can restore postural and neurological function and can be the answer to long-standing pain that has otherwise been untreated.

Corporate workplace chair massage:


This on-site massage service is a proven way to relieve tension and increase productivity. It also boosts staff members  positivity and helps them feel more valued in their roll within your company as well as reducing lost productivity due to muscular aches and pains. 

Massage times usually range from 5-20 minutes per employee, although 15-20 minutes is recommended as an optimal timeframe. We supply a comfortable, ergonomically designed chair and offer an oil free, clothes-on service that focuses on neck, shoulder, back, arms and hand massage.

This on-site service is designed to maximise employee efficiency and minimize interruption.

Cancellation policy:


We ask that a minimum of 24 hours notice is given for appointment cancellations. If a cancellation of less than this time is given a cancellation fee will be charged for 100 per cent of the appointment fee.






30 minutes $55

45 minutes $75

60 minutes $90.


Cancellation policy:


We ask that a minimum of 24 hours notice is given for appointment cancellations. If a cancellation of less than this time is given a cancellation fee will be charged for 100 per cent of the appointment fee.




Swedish /Relaxation:


Developed in Sweden this relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork is a pain free method to alleviate stress and tension in both the muscles and the mind.

The benefits of this superficial, smooth-flowing style are wide ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decrease in stress levels, enhanced mental clarity and greater flexibility.

For the best results we recommend 60 minutes or this treatment.





What to expect:


For new clients, your qualified therapist will go through your client health form, assess your case and gather information through your health history, observation, palpation, assessment tests and client feedback. A treatment plan and specific goals will be tailored to suit.

The muscles will then be treated through different therapeutic massage techniques as agreed in the treatment plan. Five minutes prior to the end of the appointment you will be left to relax and then get dressed.

A post-treatment assessment will be made and the use of heat, ice or stretching may be recommended.



Please note that this is a professional client-therapist relationship and all health details will remain confidential.


New clients are asked to fill out a client health form. You can download the health form and fill it out prior to your appointment.


Following your massage treatment:


  • Drink plenty of water

  • Rest and refrain from heavy activities and physical exertion for 12 hours

  • Apply heat or ice pack as advised by your therapist

  • Muscular soreness is normal after deeper muscle work but should ease after 1-2 days

  • Please keep in touch with your therapist if you have any concerns



Download Client Health Form

Gift Vouchers


Gift Vouchers:


Massage treatments make the perfect gift for loved ones, friends or co-workers. Gift vouchers can be purchased for any massage session and in any amount.

To purchase a gift voucher today please phone or email us. The voucher can be picked up from our clinic or posted to you.


All vouchers have a 6-month expiry date and recipients will get a reminder call close to expiry date.




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